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Concrete Futures - New Shanghai Habitat

Part 1 Project 2015
Chitraj Bissoonauth
Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University China
Located In Shanghai, the project site is in a region where urban development is increasing exponentially. The Lilong houses, which once constituted the main body of Shanghai’s historical and culturally rich urban fabric, are now being eradicated to accommodate new high-rise developments. The clash between high-rise and low-rise living areas is readily visible in Shanghai’s urban areas. With the destruction of the Lilong settlements and their way of living, Shanghai is losing a large part of its character and cultural heritage.

As a design response to this challenge, the proposed project addresses this situation by the reinterpretation and adaptation of the existing Lilong settlements in and around the site in a vertical way. The building is designed to act as a new type of link between the contemporary and traditional urban fabric by maintaining, reinterpreting and further developing the essence of the Lilong settlement.

Chitraj Bissoonauth


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