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Learning How to Pray

Part 2 Project 2015
Enrique Agudo Rubio
IE University Segovia Spain
Learning How to Pray is the hopeful introduction of the spiritual dimension into the complex, and fast contemporary urban lifestyle through the introduction of water as the generator of metaphysical spaces.

The decay of contemporary society is apparent in Plaza de Castilla. A central landmark of Madrid, the square sees a segmented society that lives a fast life, driven by a struggling economy and an insistent necessity to evade themselves from feeling.

Learning How to Pray is a sacred, cultural machine of personal and public space. The presence of the bunker as a place to turn to regardless of spiritual belief, while providing diverse cultural celebrations counteract the sombre, and clinical urban fabric of the generic city. Society responds to the new entity in the square, which holds cavities for gathering and creating a bond between landscape, void, and spirituality.

The proposed spaces are hosted by the centenary Canal de Isabel II, where the relationship of the building with water will activate the machine to harvest energy and overwhelm the sensory experience of the sacred space. The depths of Plaza de Castilla will transform in an effort to improve the strengths within oneself, and balance the never-stopping pace of society today and tomorrow.

Enrique Agudo Rubio


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