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Hedonistic pleasurescapes; Blackpool, the people's playground

Part 2 Project 2015
Daniel Orford
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
This project explores the hedonistic environments, which are prevalent at the edge between the physical and natural. In understanding the complexity of spatial augmentation in operation we can begin to re-establish and create a landscape that celebrates hedonism and the carnivalesque within society. This project explores
the British seaside as a place of leisure and frivolity, allowing people to escape from the everyday normality. These liminal spaces once at the heart of the society have become increasingly dissected and sanitised by the regulated modern culture. This project looks to re-engineer Blackpool by reinserting key spatial conditions, which form into a functional pleasurescape. The proposal focuses on the reconnection of the three key zones which comprise these environments; the beach, the promenade and the town, facilitating the free movement, interaction and engagement between the natural, physical and social activities, providing an extension and reinforcement of the liminal spaces already established. It is these engendered spatial parameters of the British seaside that provoke
memories, experience and relationships, to re-establish Blackpool as a hedonistic pleasurescape of retreat, liminal social play and natural interaction.

Daniel Orford


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