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Serendimonium Upon the Mersey

Part 1 Project 2015
Aatikah Esat
Liverpool John Moores University UK
Serendipity. Pandemonium. Serendimonium.
The city has become predictable. There exists a transformative dynamic condition on the Spine upon the River Mersey.
A dérive through Liverpool is driven by the curiosity and culture in the city. The life of the Dockers is an important part of Liverpool’s history. Spaces are synthesised for the past and present Dockers, out of existing forms, to create a sense of rejuvenated exploration. Liverpool’s culture is rejuvenated, alongside the ever-changing installations from the Liverpool Biennial.
An analysis of edges, existing fabric and artificial excavations suggest future proposals of further spontaneous synthesis, provoking a labyrinth of curiosity and experiences. There are interventions within the existing fabric that remain surreal and ambiguous to the surrounding. Although contrary, they interact with their surroundings in order to set conditions of non-predetermined actions and fortunate happenstance to occur. The dynamic energy of the city is revealed.
A pandemonium of serendipity and events within the River Mersey.
A key to this is the conflicting relationship between the emptiness of the future, emptiness of the present and the emptiness of the past, utilising the process of superimposition, transformation and transfiguration.

Aatikah Esat

Mr Philip Lo
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