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Virtual Agora

Part 2 Project 2015
Nassos Hadjipapas
Oxford Brookes University, UK
Addressing the problems of community detachment in Palestine and the existence
of obstacles both physical and notional, to popular representation, the project aims
to re-calibrate the issues of the people as a unity in conjunction with the disputes
pertaining to its physical territory.
The Athenian Agora is used as a thinking model to investigate a new architectural
proposition, where territories are plotted strategically through the trajectories of
1948 Palestine. The map of the agora is drawn by extrapolating and
superimposing historical and geological data, as well as by plotting the routes of
migratory birds to create an ever expanding time-based digital archive that will be
transferred and safeguarded away from the vanishing Palestinian
landscape;simultaneously a physical archive will reclaim its archaeological
significance to the Palestinian civilisation.
The new Parliament takes its form under three main programmatic functions. The
physical archive which reclaims the lost landscape.
The digital archive which creates an independent network of communication and
data, for the Palestinians in the diaspora and the ones in West Bank and Gaza.
Finally the resilient programmatic functions of the parliament which empower the
people to occupy it and thus make it their sovereign representative.

Nassos Hadjipapas


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