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The Nursery of Neo:Natures

Part 2 Project 2015
Abigail Whitelow
University of Greenwich | UK
Neo:Natures: The synthesis of nature and new technologies generating new architecture forms.

Neo:Natures is a speculative project for a floating island in the sky, set at the turn of the 22nd century when the world below has been submerged. The Island is an intelligent environment using advanced technology; nanotechnology, DNA sequencing, wet computing and biological super computers, completely blurring the boundaries between technology, biology and nature. This Jungle of technology becomes a living, breathing, self-sustaining environment, forming a self-regulating Homeostatic System.

The architectures on the Island are informed by Art Nouveau; a style of decorative art, architecture and design from 1890-1910 characterised by the embrace of modern technologies and ornamental designs. With new digital technologies, the 21st century is experiencing a resurgence of Nouveau formalism generating complex, fluid, immersive digital environments where biology and technology are becoming interchangeable. These ideas have been explored in the project, as art, technology, biology, natural forms, science and aesthetics continue to entangle to create the ultimate Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art).

Abigail Whitelow


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