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Anamnesis of salting works: Harvesting the unseen

Part 2 Project 2015
Irene Papayianni
University of Brighton, UK
The project is based on the investigation of the notion of memory and its subsequent relationship with personal and spatial identity. The architecture aims to explore and transform hidden memories within mundane everyday activities into a conversation between the plausible and the surreal.

Interactive, adaptive architectures transform the seafront into a performative landscape brought to life and translated by its inhabitants. The architectural interventions create a time-based spatial symphony, an anamorphosis of the modernized sea front. Events are held as memories within both site and people, with the fabric of the site and the minds of occupants and visitors all marked by their happening. Each becomes an individual repository of the unfurling history of the site, which becomes intertwined with individual histories, narratives and memories, colouring recollection.

Irene Papayianni


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