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Eco-neighborhood La Esperanza

Part 2 Project 2015
Wendy Carolina Rodriguez Quintana
Mariana Ginett Castiblanco Engativa
Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Colombia
To formulate a plan that could resolve the sector's problems, we started from the general to the particular. The environmental component, starting with the revitalization of the rivulet named MoracÍ, ensuring the preservation of the current ecological structure and leading to the design of the linear park that ends at the recreation area which is complemented with resting areas and two of the most important points in the development of eco-neighborhood infrastructures such as composting and seed bank.

Under this concept, we propose a footpath that connects the recreation area with the collection center at the other end of the neighborhood, also a perimeter road integrates proposed public spaces that work as a network, in which there are trade points, parking, parks and public squares.

Ending the urban intervention with two architectural proposals. One that promotes the residents education and another that improves their standards of habitability. A cultural center is designed, where children, youth, adults and seniors can be educated, as well as a new prototype of a productive house is created, giving the inhabitants the opportunity to generate incomes in the space they live in.

Wendy Carolina Rodriguez Quintana
Mariana Ginett Castiblanco Engativa


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