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Contextile Arts Centre

Part 1 Project 2015
Grigor Brown
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
Located in Glasgow’s Pollok Park, the Contextile Arts Centre aspires to develop creativity within its local context, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The building caters for the design and production of textiles, alongside a space for the exhibition of art and design.

The form of the building is driven by the existing topographic geometries of the site: specifically the relationship between the path and the river. The building is raised two metres above the existing 1 in 200 year flood level, gently cantilevering across the water, enabling experiential moments, glimpses and views of the riverscape. The slate facades are monolithic, yet natural and complimentary to the water, playfully accentuating the light, shadows and reflections found at the wooded site.

Within, an aesthetic axis connects the three pavilion structures, creating a direct link between the production of the craft and the exhibition of the product. This exists on both levels, through a series of voids and mezzanines, creating a social rhythm within. The space is permissive and encourages interaction between the designers above and the observers below, ensuring the progressive series of atmospheres nurture tranquillity, inspire imagination, and most importantly, provide a place in which one can fondly work.

Grigor Brown


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