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Crucible Unobtanium: Metallurgy for a mutated mind

Part 1 Project 2015
Jana Van Dalen
University of Pretoria Pretoria South Africa
This project is located within the Edge, a hybrid fringe condition.

Making architecture politically within this contrived African capitalist state is questioned by the capitalist inhabitant taking part in a speculative analogy within an ideological realm.

The Architecture _wrought from this recycled fringe fabric_ sets into production an arrangement of sculptural follies as the materialisation of spatiality within the trans-mutative state of being .

The Architecture _programmed as a metal recycling plant_ is the formal incarnation of ideology within typology, a symbolic gesture towards a politically and physically changing landscape.

Through the consumption of architectural material, the augmentations in time and space deliver a resilient product, a de-materialisation of a condition. This participatory embodiment in object and architecture sits in tension with its referential methodology - a testing ground which reveals the next mutation of African Capitalist Ideology.

UNOBTANIUM _a meticulously manufactured folly_ morphed out of mutated metal.

The Edge, through this process, is filled with metaphysical occupancies through fragments and material traces that are scattered and embedded.

Speculative research into the perception of The African Capitalist Ideology as it mutates through architecture, accumulate in an archive of possibilities, to be re-produced and consumed metaphorically.

Jana Van Dalen

Mr Rudolf Van Rensburg
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