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[SUB]CONSCIOUS CHAOS: Designing the Undergraduate Architecture Block

Part 1 Project 2015
Meher Nishchal Bahl
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi New Delhi India
Undergraduate block: architecture department

Unleashing the creative streak of students

Architecture exists at the junction of form, structure, material, and environment and most importantly the user. An architectural college bestows this knowledge and creates an inter-disciplinary learning environment leading in innovation. Thus, creating an architecture campus means creating a learning environment that acts as a chaotic collection of functions and spaces within the campus which in turn creates an amalgamated whole, binding the entire block together. The buildings are functionally divided into three blocks. The connections that increase interaction and aid the learning process, are as important as the functional spaces. Visual and physical connections are of prime importance and studio spaces are designed to hold various functions within the same space. This gives flexibility to students as well as stir their imagination and creativity.

The controlled chaos of functions, aesthetics, politics and ethics has resulted in a space which induces a sense of ownership within the user with respect to the built environment. The connectors eventually become the focal point of the design, the people and the building.

Meher Nishchal Bahl


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