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A Rural Flaneur’s Journey

Part 1 Project 2015
Matthew Evans
Birmingham City University, UK
The rural flaneur lives in Water Orton and works in one of the metal works in the north of the Village. The emergence of the M42 and M6 caused the factories to move towards the city as a result of re-urbanisation. He therefore lost his job as the rural flaneur refused to move. The 1980’s economic crisis made his life hard and stressful. This event caused the rural flaneur to go mad and he became an obsessive walker to calm himself. The rural flaneur began collecting materials, mainly metals, in his response to his lost relationship to metal. These materials were stolen from Water Orton scrap yard. These materials were hoarded in the rural flaneurs house. The 2008 economic crisis sent the rural flaneur over the edge. He therefore rejected society and moved away from it all.

The result is a cluster of small structures solely constructed by the rural flaneur, using his hoarded materials. As a schizophrenic, he builds for his needs, obsessions and emotions.

Matthew Evans


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