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[E]rased Heritage

Part 1 Project 2015
Larisa Tsydenova
Ravensbourne, UK
This project is a critical design piece that interrogates current economic, political, social and cultural situation in the post-soviet republics and provides a new experimental scheme of the diversification of the economies of the former ‘Eastern Block’ from raw materials-based profit into a sustainable path of the development of creative industries based on the British equivalent.

The ethos of the project goes back to the period of 1930s, when architecture and other creative industries were censored in their field by the soviet party and Stalin's preferences and vision of a socialist world. It all has hugely influenced today's situation in those industries, it lead to a sad decline.

Calvert22 partners promote development via providing liberalism with hidden control to various industries, especially creative fields, as it is a truly sustainable type of business. This could lead post-soviet countries' economies to redirect their main focus from raw materials export towards building sustainable relationships internally and on a world's arena.

The program suggested includes a sample plan of a development a chaotic area in a megapolis and taking all the potential to the next level. The proposed site contains galleries designed in a non-traditional manner of "white walls-sit-eat areas" which provide both visitors and exhibitors a new experience, Calvert22 offices together with co-working spaces and workshops for the internship programs of the trust, a new rooftop landscape for private and public events organisation such specific for brick lane art studios; all mentioned co-exists in a sustainable and safe way in spatial, technological and ecological means.

Larisa Tsydenova


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