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The Institute of Conservational Heritage

Part 1 Project 2015
Sachin Puntambekar
University of Greenwich, UK
The Institute of Conservational Heritage drew its inspiration from Piranesi’s Field of Mars, which reimagined the future of Rome using real and imagined ruins. Utilising this approach London was reimagined using architectures of build and un-built London. Fragments of London’s architectural past and present were brought together to form a new city vision, grounded in the utopian ideals of Piranesi’s Rome.

Moving from the macro scale of London to the micro scale of Thamesmead, the unloved landscape surrounding the 1960s tower blocks became a field inhabited by fragments of London’s architectural heritage and future. The institute and surrounding landscape becomes a depository to exhibit built experiments in construction, technology and restoration. The Institution becomes a platform for understanding the science and technology of conservation. The facilities offer links with enterprises where the workshops are used for materials testing and fabrication, and labs for research. The surrounding landscape will become populated with full-scale mock-ups and samples, which over time will become a surreal landscape of follies, relics and ruins, documenting the heritage and future of London.

Sachin Puntambekar


Mr Rahesh Ram
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