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Kyrenia Mountains: The Painted Landscape

Part 2 Project 2015
Catherine Segah Griffiths
University for the Creative Arts, UK
On an island of contested territories, the Kyrenia Mountain Range of Cyprus is an imperative site. Visible from both sides of the UN buffer zone and from the capital, Nicosia, the thesis takes advantage of its positioning by proposing a series of architectural headlines upon the mountains and its foothills relating to man’s relationship with nature. The headlines are designed as monuments: machines that paint the landscape.

The interim proposal’s intention is to bring to awareness the changes in values over time. The monument erodes the iconic Besparmak peak over the course of a century, a proposition that only enhances the current situation of landslides in the area caused by uncontrolled illegal quarrying. Its intention is to shock people into a realisation of the extremities that are occurring, comparable to the eighteenth century notion in the history of art of denoting ‘the world as it is’.

The main proposal denotes a dualism between man and nature, more of a romantic equilibrium in sublimity rather than sheer ecocentrism. Organic pigments are produced onsite from sources abundant on the mineral-rich island using methods practiced since antiquity on remote mountain sites, yet combining them with modern technology to paint the mountain sites themselves.

Catherine Segah Griffiths

Mr John Bell

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