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Parashurama's Axe

Part 2 Project 2015
Nathan Ozga
Vsevolod Kondratiev-Popov
Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture | UK
Parashurama’s axe proposes poised and sensitive architecture in Mumbai’s contested landscape. As the metropolis grows, it absorbs a network of conflict and friction as dense as its population. The thesis does not propose a resolution between parties, but rather an alternative playing field.

An understanding of Mumbai based on the origin myths of its landscape leads to a conception of architecture and landscape linked in a state of continuous genesis and displacement, caught between actuality and myth.

The proposal is finely attuned to the many conflicts of water, pollution, and space through its remedial social and medical agencies, deployed at highly sensitive and deeply inter-dependent locations throughout the city. The Mahul Residents’ Agency administers much needed amenity to the local Koli villagers as well as to the rehoused ex-slum dwellers: civic space is provided by the market and the council, an ambulatory clinic cares for those affected by the high pollution levels. The Juhu Blood Institute receives data from the Mahul Agency and endeavours with long term research on blood diseases and pollution.

Both agencies radically re-define parameters of social, political, and bodily existence by localising the means for Mumbaikars to take action.

Nathan Ozga
Vsevolod Kondratiev-Popov


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