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Part 1 Project 2015
Liam Seaman
Nottingham Trent University Nottingham UK
Milan: A city divided.

Highly strung tensions in Milan exploded into the organization of the “Stop Invasione” movement and protest, held within the central Piazza Del Duomo. Contesting the continued funding of Lifeboat operations for Migrants travelling precariously over the Mediterranean and through Italy, the protesting citizens were met with a counter march on the same day by an “Anti-Racism” progression, forming a conflict of ideas internally within the city.

The project intended to explore this fragile social and political situation and in response, bring together two cultures as to form a productive and positive working relationship.

The basis of these narrative threads was the production of wine, of which with a cultural infusion of ingredients – from both a hybridity in grape varietals and other vegetation – a new alcoholic product could be born.

The conjunction of a pair, or two contrasting elements became the stem of the project, of which influenced its formal nature and character, although the process of design and the refining of ideas began to drive its aesthetics.

Liam Seaman


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