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Urban Renewal on Victoria Road

Part 1 Project 2015
Calum Ward
Robert Gordon University Aberdeen UK
Torry suffered the hardship of the rapid demise of the fishing industry and today, a high percentage of the population experience social neglect, high levels of unemployment and social deprivation. The brief strived for a successful urban renewal project, combining architectural quality with socially driven development. The building is mixed-use with commercial units on the ground floor and sheltered housing on the floors above. The ambition is that the building will make a major contribution to the traditional street pattern with carefully considered massing, planning and a contemporary facade.

In the sheltered housing, the user steps into their own ‘communal corridor’, a generous space that is accessible directly from the door of their flat. This space allows constant interaction between the residents, directly and by chance such as moments looking through ones kitchen window and being allowed a glance at each floor as they rise up through the building.

The facades consist of a multi-layering effect where individual elements; pre-cast concrete panels, photographically printed panels, horizontal rails and winter gardens collate together and are arranged to create a sense of human scale in what is a relatively large urban block. The facades prominence and strength is achieved by their composition.

Calum Ward

Mr Neil Lamb

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