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Cultural and Creative Autonomy Settlement

Part 2 Project 2015
Nadezhda Chadovich
Moscow Architecture School MARCH Moscow Russia
The emergence of the Cultural and Creative Autonomy settlement (CCA) is a super-compensation measure in response to the harm done to this part of the world through nuclear weapons testing, which was carried out on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago (1957-1990). The contrast to this is human virtue, and the generation of ideas, produced by the philosopher-thinker man. My proposal is a place, where the thinker finds himself in isolation. The CCA settlement includes dwellings and public functions. It's form is generated by landscape and technology, designed to maximise low northern sunlight both physically and poetically. Local stone is the main building material; first the top layer of ground is removed from the plateau, the stone is crushed and excavated to form trenches, which are then covered by vaults made from the excavated stone, this is then covered by the original layer of soil.
The central square ensures interaction between the occupants and nature around a sun-moon dial. Renewable energy sources; a small hydropower plant, 5 wind turbines and 500 sun panels provide the CCA with all of its energy.
The construction technique and autonomy of the buildings allows them to degrade back into the landscape without leaving any trace behind.

Nadezhda Chadovich


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