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Basilica of Secular Virtues

Part 1 Project 2015
Chase Prosser
University of Greenwich, UK
The project is a critical response to the proposed Greenwich Peninsula development. It suggests that its primary brief for capital investment is being delivered at the expense of any real social or cultural value.

Physically segregated from the new developments, the Basilica relies on the structure of an existing historical jetty to support its vaulting in-situ structural frame. The programme focuses on academic endeavour, social engagement and immersive sensory experience, choreographing a variety of environments from the intimate to the monumental. The organisation of the plan serves to mediate controlled interactions between visitors and residents in four chambers pivoting around a central forum. The elongated exterior cloister encourages informal discussion, whilst the inward referencing geometry of the forum encourages formal debate. Over the forum is the vast volume of the library with reading and writing rooms that give way to a central atrium, lit with a celestial glow by concealed openings in the main façade.

Chase Prosser


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