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Lazarus: The Revival of Spaces for the Dead

Part 2 Project 2015
Nicholas Teoh
National University of Singapore | Singapore
The dead are being marginalized in Singapore. Death is the inevitability that lurks beyond the horizon. Death comes to all of us, but we are blind to when it arrives. Cultural issues are thrown into sharp relief during the discussions on death, and the purest of all cultural values are divulged. Our dealings with the dead are a purest reflection on who we are as people.

Death to most us is a singular experience. We have come to adopt the definition of clinical death as the overriding definition of death, when it is actually far more complex than it seems. I have interpreted and broken down death into three stages, as described.

My project sought to articulate some solutions to curbing the latter two stages of death; loss of personal memory and collective memory. By employing methods like cryonic preservation, the patient’s memory is preserved whilst the body awaits future technology to be revived.

Collective memory is preserved by reintroducing cemeteries back in Singapore. The cemetery is to be public and when bodies are buried using natural burials, it creates a park like environment.

Following the theme of revival, these two functions will be housed in a used container ship.

Nicholas Teoh


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