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Part 1 Project 2015
Ekaterina Dziadkovskaia
University of Westminster, UK
The 'Landfillia' campaign speculates about the future use of Rainham landfill. Today, Rainham landfill is under control of professional waste management company, Veolia. Due to new methods of processing waste, decommissioned landfill sites will be safe for development in the future.

'Landfillia' is a series of different architectural typologies designed to introduce habitation at the former landfill site on Rainham Marshes. It is a phased campaign, aiming to not only transform the wasteland into a place where people might want to live in future but also to change our perception of landfill itself.

The phased campaign, planned for the scientist and visitor alike, unfolds:

• Phase 1: Investigate - examining cultural aspects of society through its waste.
• Phase 2: Forestation – exposing a landfill cell and the forest of trash.
• Phase 3: Encapsulation – salvaging the non-recyclable materials for future use.
• Phase 4: Experimentation – testing new construction techniques and material for 'Landfillia' housing using salvaged recyclable materials and products and providing new ways of recycling for the future.
• Phase 5: Inhabitation – 'Landfillia' housing realised.

So in the future the local council can create social housing with low land cost and methane-generated electricity to benefit local communities, in context of London housing crisis.

Ekaterina Dziadkovskaia


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