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Adaptive Diagnostics

Part 2 Project 2015
Naomi Sheehan
Queen's University Belfast | UK
Adaptive Diagnostics proposes a series of interventions into the delivery of accident and emergency and other forms of primary healthcare in Northern Ireland. Beginning with a critique of the existing condition, these measures presuppose that contemporary healthcare has to become more mobile. Accordingly, the project emerges from a diagnostic analysis of the response and journey times between ambulance depots, the site of accident and A&E departments located within the region’s principal hospitals. Through interpretations of this information- it proposes a series of evocative and original interventions that operate across a series of scales from macro to micro to redraw the map of NI healthcare.

Central to this is the development of continual operating systems of care which- drawing on the examples of logistics providers and the just-in-time delivery systems pioneered by Toyota- operate defined territories through the road and motorway network of NI. A&E is rethought here as an adaptive system where the road is considered an integral part of the hospital and care is provided in a series of locations from updated ambulances, mobile pods and existing services. The pods operate in mobile and static forms where they can dock via a designed interface into existing or new facilities.

Naomi Sheehan


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