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The Institute of Urban Broadcasting

Part 1 Project 2015
Dominic Walker
University of Sheffield | UK
On the former site of Manchester’s Granada TV, a new TV Studio, and a new soap, is proposed; one that hopes to captivate and engage its Mancunion audience with the same admiration as Coronation St has, albeit through a more participatory form of involvement. The TV studio places the general public in control of the soaps storyline; as inspired by a quote from ‘Visualising the City’, which questions whether “the city is a character in our narratives”, or whether we are “characters in the narrative of the city”. The buildings programme therefore allows the public to adapt the city-scale storyline of the soap; through learning, discussion, and adaption of the large-scale city model contained within the TV Studio. The street-scale storyline of the soap (much like Coronation St) must then be adapted in accordance with the publics’ citywide changes to the city model, for that month. Once broadcast, new ideas about the city; whether critique or appraisal, may be viewed by all, in hopes to spark a new creative excitement, generally, for Architecture and the City. The tectonic construction is intended to expose principles of modern construction, as well as relational theories between Architecture, Film, and the City.
Dominic Walker


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