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The Journey of Seven Churches

Part 2 Project 2015
Jan Drska
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design 116 93 Prague Czech republic
The Czech landscape has passed through significant changes during last sixty years. Enforced collectivization in agriculture resulted in devastation of natural elements of the landscape. Hedgerows, solitude vegetation, creeks and field trails were destroyed to create large acres of fields. Especially planar terrain of central Bohemia in Polabi region was opportune to create far-reaching blocks of monotonous fertile ground. The region then lost its diversity, now it is impermeable and void.

Seven churches are located on direct north – south ley line. The aim of this thesis is to connect them by a single road. The road is traced on fragments of existing roads, on already destroyed roads, or completely new. It passes through countryside and settlements. The road becomes an initiating factor of a regions recovery. It makes the land accessible, it fulfils the potential of biking and hiking in Polabi and restores original residential function of this landscape.

The fundamental motive of the metaphysical axis line brings a higher overlap to the assignment and returns lost spirit back to the landscape. As a counterweight to the seven churches work brings seven new stops. These are restored sites, which, currently neglected, carry a great potential as attractive walking destinations.

Jan Drska


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