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Galava: Landscape & Cultural Discovery Centre

Part 2 Project 2015
Joshua Allington
University of Central Lancashire, UK
This project creates a cohesion between the three disparate user groups that define the experience and spheres of influence of the Lake District National Park: 'Local residents : Global tourists : Regional staff'.

The proposal is a 'Landscape and Cultural Discovery Centre' at Waterhead, Ambleside. The Architecture becomes a 'vessel for subjective experience making', rather than a pre-determined reliance on specific function. Each of the spaces are dynamic, convening a multitude of purposes for different seasons; user groups and interests.

The building critiques the preservationist outlook of the National Park and embraces a new tradition of contextually contemporary design. The proposal is also elevated over the ruined Roman garrison, Galava, creating a more dynamic physical and spiritual relationship between the visitor and the past.

It re-establishes the definition of the 'Lake District as a Cultural Landscape' in relation to its UNESCO World Heritage Bid. Through pastoral subsistence; discovery of wilderness, and conservation of Cultural Landscape Distinctiveness, man must be allowed to reconnect to this rural playground, otherwise this and future chapters in the great story of the Lake District landscape will remain unauthored.

Joshua Allington


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