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Lost in an Atmosphere: Maryborough Artworx Campus

Part 2 Project 2015
Daniel Pringle
University of Queensland | Australia
Maryborough is a quiet, slow paced town. The deserted streets and shops are in need of an injection of life. The narrow laneways and lack of nature, creates a counter balanced environment of hot days combined with urban overshadowing. However the streets speak of history and the patina of scars in the urban fabric express the town’s character. What was once a thriving port town, in the late 1800’s soon changed when operations moved closer to coastal regions. This left the town in a constant state of under development. The heritage of this town is rich and sits close to the hearts of its residence. Although the underdevelopment has lead to an ageing population, leaving the town looking for ways to retain and develop the towns youth in a way which resembles the atmosphere of the town. The Artworx campus seeks to create an atmospheric experience. Light, texture, tone and sound are essential requirements of this experience. Therefore the campus becomes a vessel to gain this experience rather than merely satisfying an architectural brief.
Daniel Pringle

Ms Elizabeth Musgrave
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