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Philosophers' Parliament

Part 2 Project 2015
Matthew Girling
University of Kent, UK
This proposal is about thinking in architecture, particularly the role of intuition in a technology-driven world. Perhaps familiar to many readers; the project aims to investigate and embellish the importance of an intuitive, personal and experiential world-view.
Considered within the tradition of psychoanalysis and philosophy I have endeavoured to introduce a Philosophers’ Parliament. The architecture cultivates an environment where distinguished thinkers, poets and artists can pursue solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, through play and serendipity. New discoveries, technologies and concepts are subsequently manifested explicitly, facilitating a Socratic discussion about their benefits and means to advance the world’s knowledge.
The five principal pavilions emerge out of a leftover patch in South London's somewhat forgotten hinterland. Defined places betwixt and between inside and outside, as well as carefully designed tectonic games, play with the idea of free will and challenge the inhabitants perception to adapt and control the environment.
Figuratively, the architecture resembles the inner struggle between the two brain hemispheres, whose perimeter compares to the boundaries connecting the embodied and physical world. For it is the contention with and not complete management of the world which allows for the total psychological human engagement with architecture.

Matthew Girling


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