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The Daydreaming Island in Iksun-dong 166

Part 2 Project 2015
Yoonjung Lim
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
Daydreaming is inescapable in the metropolis. But the city we are living in is also the functional area pursues high quality of efficiency, progress, and perfect management- “Time is money, Move!”

In movie Chunking Express (1994), one remarkable scene caught our attention. Police 633 didn’t read the letter his ex-girlfriend gave him. Anonymous passengers walk through the street as a normal speed but police 633 drink his coffee extremely slowly. For this shot, actor should drink his coffee as 10% speed. He daydreamed in a different speed of time and space disguising his sorrow.

So, in this metropolitan city how could we find a place for fantasy? Clock is ticking loudly. We need to find the space for forgetting a devouring time. In Iksun-dong is the area which is stopped itself. Just behind the Jong-ro, one of the most developed street, Iksun-dong has its own speed and atmosphere which is not swallowed by capital yet. Walking around the alley, almost labyrinth, suddenly we can discover some breaks that look like hiding something or the mysterious entrance to another world. We could camouflage ourselves. Daydreaming is an alternative rhythm as a resistance to these insatiable capitalistic desire.

Yoonjung Lim


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