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Brick Lane Bikes, The Bespoke Factory

Part 1 Project 2015
Charles Smith
De Montfort University | UK
The conventional way of purchasing a new bicycle consists of traveling to a store, selecting a size according to your height, then adjusting the seat height or stem length. In short a one size fits all process.
The Factory aims to redefine this process, making it a more unique, informative and enjoyable experience. This proposed experience allows the customers to get an idea of the products available and an understanding of cycle history through the gallery. Multiple aspects of the rider are then measured, from body dimensions to lifestyle, ensuring an exact size and specification is created. This can then be refined through indoor and on track testing; additional fine-tuning ensuring a perfect fit. The experience finishes with a tour of the factory, allowing the rider to understand how things are produced and to speak with the staff building their bicycle.
The scheme also incorporates a number of design features that enhance the local area through both function and form. The Bicycle Wall removes abandoned scrap from across the city, placing it into a façade, forming aesthetic value and creating further retail opportunity. Whilst the Bishopsgate Cycleway proves a safer more distinct route between the City and underused Olympic Velodrome.

Charles Smith


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