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City of Sand and Fog: Cultivating Bricks in the Desert

Part 2 Project 2015
Amirreza Gostaryfard
Leeds Beckett University UK
In an effort to provide humane living conditions for immigrant workers in Dubai, I propose a ‘Worker City’ to replace the ‘labor camps’ where workers live today. The city is being tested at a variety of levels, from planning, infrastructure, modularity to materiality; certain elements such as planning, infrastructure are playing a significant role to generate a worker community which will provide necessary amenities. The immigration of workers from overseas into Dubai is an overlooked humanitarian issue, from the moment they are deceived into an idealized lifestyle, to their day to day living/working conditions once they arrive in Dubai, all the way to the deprivation of their rights as humans. I am focusing on the impact that architecture can have to improve the lives of the South Asian labor force behind the luxurious facade of Dubai. This is best represented through a ghost city running parallel with Dubai’s sky line. This proposition will also be a starting point of testing and tackling the living conditions in extreme climate conditions, by imposing green architectural systems, its main criteria being;
- Natural ventilation
- Optimization of wind towers and wind catchers
- Materiality (the use of sand as the main construction material)

Amirreza Gostaryfard


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