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Part 1 Project 2015
Natalie, Ai Wen Cheung
National University of Singapore Singapore Singapore
The seamless wall that cuts through the dense forest acts as visual and physical guide from the entrance of Labrador park to the top of the hill where majority of its historically rich elements lie, commonly by-passed by park-goers. The wall aims to slowly assimilate people from the urban environment into nature while retaining their sense of comfort. Similar to the primitive method of storing and cooling food within a pot sculpted out of layers of clay, a similar idea of passive cooling inspires the making of architecture within this design to produce a comfortable micro-climate using layers of rammed earth walls.

This cooling physical touch of the rammed earth wall and play on intertwining interior and exterior spaces, gradually assimilates a common city dweller into the dense forest of Labrador Park and finally into nature. As it approaches the top of the hill, corners of the wall peak out to clear an opening for a panoramic view of the park. Throughout the design, carefully placed slits help to place emphasis to the monumentality of the wall, by allowing slivers of lights to fall through, illuminating the material and creating a contemplative atmosphere which engages the senses of visitors.

Natalie, Ai Wen Cheung


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