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The Cart

Part 1 Project 2015
Michael MacFarlane
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
‘Where Cart rins rowin to the sea… is a gallant weaver’ – Robert Burns, 1791

The River Cart played an arterial role serving the thriving textiles industry of 18th century Britain. Harnessed by industrial Glasgow, the river’s waters powered looms, transported fabric and formed a feature of the picturesque landscape of Pollok Park. Today, in the heart of the park a collective of designers recycle, make and exhibit textiles in a process spanning the site.

It seemed appropriate that the scheme cross the boundary of the site, spanning the river to incorporate a disused Saw Mill. The Mill is reappropriated for the shredding of the city’s waste fabric. Once shredded, fibres are carded and spun producing thread for weavers across the water.

In a daily ritual, thread and fabric are carted back and forth across the site facilitating the everyday working of the collective, an allegory of the river’s role in the production of textiles.

Michael MacFarlane


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