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Kunsthal Rotterdam

Part 1 Project 2015
Anneloes Kattemölle
Delft University of Technology Delft The Netherlands
The Kunsthal in Rotterdam was realized in 1992 and put OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) on the map of leading design bureaus. Despite the (international) success there has been a big controversy about the building which led to fierce discussions between architects and users. It seemed that the tone set by the Kunsthal was not in harmony with the melody of the environment and the public.

As an architecture student I realize that architects need to become more mindful of the impact their work has on the environment. With the project of redesigning the Kunsthal, I got the opportunity to create an innovative building, where environmental and social sustainability are integrated into the architectural design. Mimicking nature’s wisdom is at the core of this design. With this philosophy the surface finishes of the Kunsthal are inspired by the self-cleaning mechanism of lotus plants reducing the need for chemical detergents and costly labor.

With this new design I am aiming to evolve the Kunsthal into an internationally leading exhibition platform which sets new standards in sustainability, showing not only art but also the art of using nature to get a little closer to the future of architecture as I see it.

Anneloes Kattemölle


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