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Residential Eco-Techno-Flexy-Hybrid

Part 1 Project 2015
Marko Dragicevic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
The main concept of the project is based on creating time-flexible, semi-industrial social complex stationed on two small streams on the outskirts of town Sremcica near Belgrade. In addition to residential units with supporting facilities, the complex includes a 900m2 underground hall with boilers for biomass burning - its burning releases the gas that can be converted into heat and electricity, which would then be distributed to individual social units for use and thus further decrease the costs.

In contrast to the typical social housing, the structure of its units is based on decentralization and seemingly randomness in hopes to achieve uniqueness and break the monotony. Floors are separated and opened, thus gaining on having the complete exposure to the open sky and having a four-sided orientation. The main and the highest tower in the complex includes tanks on the last floor which are filled with the help of groundwater pumps, from which filtrated water is distributed to other units, used for irrigation, fire protection and open floor sprinkler cooling systems.

Urban structure is based on natural amorphousness of structure, creating time-flexible principle of wild and untamed architecture.

Marko Dragicevic


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