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ST Andrew's Dock Assembly

Part 2 Project 2015
Polina Pencheva
University of Sheffield, UK
The project looks at the ruinous landscape of the historically significant St. Andrew’s Dock in Hull and proposes a strategic design approach for the wider site and it’s emotionally charged existing structures, whilst focusing on the development of a new building typology – The Assembly, which will give the site a new lease of life in the realm of intergenerational practice.

Engaging simultaneously with personal and building histories, the city’s disconnected urban fabric and international demographic issues, the proposal aims to re-connect Hull’s riverfront through a civic approach to regeneration. Additionally, adopting a metabolising approach to reconstruction of existing buildings pursues enabling people to participate in making the site’s future. This is further enhanced by challenging governmental policies- leading to the definition of an intergenerational civic programme, which aims to capture our ageing population’s hidden potential.

The project sees progressive design phasing as key to deliver this ambitious public scheme and thus the proposal is highly fragmented grouping existing building works with new build elements in phases, delivered over a long period of time and aiming to create a productive landscape – an architecture in flux. As a result two principal contrasting typologies were developed: durable objects and transient objects.

Polina Pencheva

Mr Satwinder Samra

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