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Field and enclosure: Beyond object-ness, a good house

Part 2 Project 2015
William Burgess
London Metropolitan University, UK
Beyond object-ness is the interest in the space between objects rather than a focus on the objects themselves. When designing a building this is interpreted as considering the relationship between: one room with another; the tectonic elements of a building’s construction; the building and the landscape.

In Evora, Portugal, Alvaro Siza designed fields of low-rise, high-density patio houses, laid as mats over the local topography forming the estate of Malagueira. Here several key, disparate elements are knitted together, while achieving a feeling of deliberate incompleteness. The architectural infrastructure of the overhead conduit acts as a spine to the city, a continuous element between the singular house and collective buildings, helping define a larger scale.

Several existing farmhouses were retained and embedded in the urban fabric of the new district. In my proposal two new farmhouses are built next to an existing one, creating a family of buildings with enclosed spaces between them. Both new houses are to accommodate the gardeners working in Malagueira and have bold, public facades, which look over the landscape of urban and rural fields. The interior of the front house is a large hall enclosed by smaller dwellings and workshops, as with a small public square.

William Burgess

Prof Florian Beigel
Mr Philip Christou
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