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Dialogue with Nature

Part 1 Project 2015
Chi Hang Wong
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
When I first came to the question of “what is a library”, I was thinking library was not just about books and books were not the only access to knowledge. This draws me to rethink what are the essence and identity of contemporary libraries. In Hong Kong, most libraries provide enclosed areas for learning in a conceptual and contemplative way. Nevertheless, they seldom put into consideration of the theories of phenomenology which encourage the gaining of knowledge through contact and perception of the world at large. My design thesis is to derive a new identity of contemporary library with coexisting factors of the conceptual and phenomenological access to knowledge.

The site location is a tranquil natural area surrounded by sea views. Huge amount of mangrove is found in the wet land near the old village. These elements integrate and picture poetic scenery. In the nature learning library, while readers are enjoying reading, they at the same time closely in touch with the nature in diversified areas. Not only dialogues between readers and authors, simultaneously, between people and the existing nature can be developed. Interchange of knowledge between the real world and books can be materialized.

Chi Hang Wong


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