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Graduation Project / Urban Psychosis

Part 2 Project 2017
Meaad Hanafi
Dar Al-Hekma University Jeddah Saudi Arabia
URBAN PSYCHOSIS is a personal attempt to produce architecture at multiple levels and scales of openness, which defies the norm. To inject such urban architecture into the City of Jeddah, one must do it above and beyond the city’s urban fabric.

URBAN PSYCHOSIS’s prime function is not to function as expected or play by the rules, it then allows individuals to experience layers of madness and textures along their journey within various themes of space: [open, semi-open, and private].

URBAN PSYCHOSIS architecture plays with massive differences in scale, layers, morphologies, and legibility. It is aware of its context’s conditions, yet allergic to it. It takes pride of what it symbolizes on its own. Chaos is its only persona.

URBAN PSYCHOSIS derives its character however from objects within its context. Generic objects are re-deployed to be placed in a newly unfamiliar environment occupying spaces.

As arrogant as it is, and inconceivable it may appear, URBAN PSYCHOSIS demonstrates an awareness of ambivalence and selfishness. It only invests in its own relationship with nonsense.

Meaad Hanafi


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