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Disturbing London: Antiplacelessness

Part 2 Project 2019
Matt Jordan
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
The fringes of modern metropolises allow for the architecture of banality to thrive. These clusters of copy and paste epitomise a built environment that cares more about profit and statistics than sentiment and individuality.

In recent years, east London has become fertile ground for the geography of placelessness. Our profession frequently chooses to disregard the area’s vibrant and challenging history in favour of a glossy render and the promise of ‘placemaking’.

Since the built environment shows no appetite to change and begin to respect the individual, we must rebel using the tools available to us. We must find meaning in virtual space to escape the oppression of mediocrity.

Through the use of photogrammetry, we can capture physical form enriched with sentiment and generate spatial clusters in which we may affirm our identities.

We are the bothersome men of Lien’s any-city that refuse to have our identity reduced to faux sketch, buzz-words and area schedules. We have a right to exist in an architecture of meaning rather than convenience.

True liberation from the oppressive monotony is never likely to be achieved, however, mixed reality can at the very least allude to a pseudo-freedom. Let us disrupt placelessness through preserving ourselves.

Matt Jordan


Mr Toby Shew
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