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Schools Beyond Education: Redefining the Image of an Institution

Part 2 Project 2019
Ananya Sethi
Sushant University | India
Metropolitan cities in developing countries are advancing but the urban-rural divide is exacerbated. Urban villages serve as backbones for the informal sector but lack infrastructure to support this swelling growth. However, mixed-use multifunctional facilities catering to a multitude of users, are scarcely found. It thus becomes imperative to re-evaluate the design of communal functions, to ensure efficient utilisation of resources. This thesis reassesses how schools can be re-designed as learning spaces, while strengthening their spirit as institutional buildings.

This is tackled on two fronts: first questions redundancy of learning environments which was established in the industrial era 150 years ago. While learning methods have adapted to changing times, learning environments have stagnated.
The second questions redundancy of the built environment of schools. In New-Delhi, all schools observe a minimum of 220 working days in a year - resulting in a building used for 18% of hours in a year.

Thus, the school complex presents itself as a solution and opportunity to serve the larger community with its multifaceted program and public character with functions catering to different users. These schools not just provide educative spaces enabling multiple modes of teaching and learning, but serve as anchors of mixed-use community hubs.

Ananya Sethi


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