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Interwoven City: an architectural, urban, social and environmental approach. San Diego Center

Part 1 Project 2019
Angie Katerin Castro Vega
Luis Alejandro Gómez Bonilla
Pilot University | Colombia
San Diego Center is the result of the integration of a high-density housing project and a cultural and commercial public facility, proposed for the Santa fé locality in the San Diego neighborhood located in the center of the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

The proposal is intended to enrich the system of public areas and integrate them into the ecological structure of the city. For this, an environmental corridor is created to connect 2 architectural projects, the “Bavarian Central Park” dwelling (listed housing project) and the green areas of “Las Residencias El Parque” (listed housing project), passing through the “National Museum” (Public cultural facility), and including pedestrian connections that will allow to avoid the traffic barrier established by the carrera 7a one of the main and busiest roads in the area.

The composition is based on reflections on the intimate and the collective, involves concepts such as "Limit between public and private" used in the development of housing, along with "Link spaces" worked on the cultural facilities. This leads to the definition of a system of relationships, both vertical and horizontal, determinants in its formal and functional logic.

Angie Katerin Castro Vega
Luis Alejandro Gómez Bonilla


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