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Tesseract: Time Based Home Ownership Incentivisation Model

Part 2 Project 2019
Liang Cheng Lau
National University of Singapore | Singapore
Tesseract proposes an alternative housing model that commodifies time in various ways to redefine ownership at the individual, communal and urban levels. This time-based approach prioritizes renewal at the Micro and Meso scale over the Macro scale to facilitate individual and communal involvement as a form of incentivisation. Drawing from the geometry of the Tesseract - this project examines possibilities of creating more space with the same built-up area through time.

Strategies involves releasing sealed up staircases to combine with greeneries that are Gross Floor Area exempted in Singapore, to craft 'invisible' space for expansion in the future. An extra half a room results for each unit; maximizing dead space underneath staircases that are underutilized. This set-up allows internalized intensification and units to be subdivided for rent or acquisition to achieve amalgamation - empowering both the individual and communities to determine their own homes.

Residences and retail are merged vertically in a homogeneous manner to achieve reversal of value: units at the top and retail at the bottom will no longer be for the privileged - allowing private and public housing to be integrated. High-rise housing is now redefined as a socially driven apparatus.

Liang Cheng Lau


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