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Navigation School on Vava’u

Part 2 Project 2019
Icao Tiseli
University of Auckland Auckland New Zealand
Maps offer great insight into our places. If we were able to channel this language, we would be able to understand the narratives of our worlds and the realms of our stories The Map incites both the finding and the founding, this project wishes to re-configuring cartographic practices, in order to serve how the people of Vava’u perceive of their place, it allowed the project to see the site with different values and in turn, design consciously to affect these realisation. In the Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean, north east from New Zealand lies Tongatapu the Sacred South of the Pacific. North east from Tongatapu, lies Vava’u nicknamed the Feke which means octopus. Within this project the Feke is used to uncover the narrative displaying the interconnectedness of the people and their place within the Pacific. By celebrating the cultural richness of its identity, dispelling the notion of pertaining to the pace of the west, it allowed new projected imaginings that empowers as oppose to depreciates, its difference to convention. Architecture provides the permanence by activating the ground we reside on, Ground, sea and sky being the universal story we share.
Icao Tiseli


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