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Contemporary Art Gallery: Based on a Set of Architectural Narratives

Part 1 Project 2019
Tom Smith
Hull College, UK
The design project aimed to use a set of architectural narratives in order to create
a type of architectural language which evoked a rich sense of movement, space and quality of light. The Architectural narrative is based on Bernard Tschumi’s Manhattan Transcripts and the transcription of the Bradbury Building in LA. The Bradbury Building inspired me through the way it encapsulated these qualities of light and movement which helped to embody the strong emotions seen within the film Blade Runner.

By transcribing the architectural qualities of the building in correlation with the events shot during the filming of Blade Runner; I was able to derive a set of drawings which formed my own architectural language.

The transcription processes formed the language which led to my choice of building and site. I felt these qualities would be best reflected in a contemporary gallery due to the importance of creating a sense of space and the way the quality of light is integral in achieving this. The building is an expression of movement and is designed in a way which retains the qualities of the Bradbury Building whilst responding to its context.

Tom Smith


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