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The DEIRA Design Incubation Centre, Dubai

Part 1 Project 2019
Arian Saghafifar
American University of Sharjah | UAE
This project is located in Deira Dubai and the program is about the jewellery and textile studio and the visitor’s interaction. The transition from a dense morphological city condition into a private space was crucial to the design of this project. Additionally, the project contains liminal spaces as layers to emphasise the interior and exterior interaction. The triangulation happens between visitors, the designers, and the activity of each space. Circulation and views have an important role in this triangulation. Since, the circulation was designed as a way of attracting visitors to the semi-private actives. By directing the public circulation to certain floors, semi-private spaces have been created. Thus, the connection between public and private spaces are mostly visual. This is based on the theory of seeing the unseen.

The lightfall void is an unfolding event which visitors observes objects, spatial conditions, and socialise around it. This space connects different parts of the projects together and blurs the edge of private-public. Furthermore, it creates a direct relation between the exhibition and auditorium which are the main public spaces. Thus, the main intent of this project is to create an interaction by creation of layers as a transitional space.

Arian Saghafifar


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