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Inhabiting the Glitch: An institution for the Glitched Fabrication of a Binary Code

Part 1 Project 2019
Kalliopi Bosini
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
The Glitched Fabric Institution aims to create a physical manifestation of the relationship and tension between digital and physical realms, by highlighting ideas of digital error and human interaction. As a result, a new identity for Poplar is established through a site specific design for the collaboration of programmers and weavers. The physical process of crafting by the weavers will be assisted by digital techniques, while the export of distorted algorithms by the programmers will be used to create unexpected fabrics. This responds to the unique features of Poplar and its hidden digital infrastructure; the home to anonymous data centres serving Canary Wharf and beyond, combining with the historical fabric infrastructure of the former East India Docks in Poplar. Programmers and weavers, error algorithms and traditional native wool fibres, will produce new fabrics, distorted patterns and textures. This will weave into the current fabric industry and marketplace driven by digital and manual collaboration. The concept of the digital distortion and the 'woven', are also reflected in the landscape, structure, and materiality of the fabric institution by creating a glitched and interlaced architectural language. The digital era we live in is manifested in a fixed and tangible architectural form.
Kalliopi Bosini


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