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TIBOS: The Irish Border State

Part 2 Project 2019
Andreas Leonidou
Manchester School of Architecture Manchester | UK
TIBOS, The Irish Border State:
The Infrastructure Space Research Group identifies the contemporary limits of urban space, formalising spatial implications of technological transitions, geolocating and visualising cross-thematic data to provide acute insights into the intersection of physical and digital space. Outcomes from this work include full scale pilot studies of novel technologies to providing an evidence base for local and regional planning.

Building on Infrastructure Space Research Group studies of the Scottish Highlands and Cornwall, TIBOS, The Irish Border State, addresses the particular nature of the UK-Republic of Ireland border, contextualised and developed in parallel with live UK-EU Brexit negotiations. TIBOS evaluates existing conditions and associated spatial implications of all forms of Brexit to propose a radical architecture that resolves the irresolvable challenge of the border.

TIBOS, The Irish Border State, is a realisable proposal for a new citizen-led, sovereign state that acts as a buffer and mediator between the UK and a post Brexit EU. The new state approaches Brexit as an opportunity to redefine the notion of ‘borders’ and challenge our perception of national identity and regionally specific vernacular architecture, issues that are very urgent and pertinent. No one is a citizen of TIBOS, yet we all are.

Andreas Leonidou


Mr Tom Jefferies

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