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Nomadic Habitat for City Travellers

Part 2 Project 2019
Ruksala Siriwansha
University of Moratuwa | Sri Lanka
This project explores the hypothesis that: facilitating an alternative way-of-life to counteract the rising crisis of humanity, urbanity and ecology (inflicted by the injudicious production- and consumption-habits of the conventional society) is possible only by defining an architectural program that questions the very conventions of its own forms of production and consumption.

Accordingly, ‘Nomadic-city’ is an architectural exploration of timeless, spatial and material ingenuities for a sustainable future born out of an anticipated lifestyle-conversion of the mainstream society. Targeting a sub-social group called ‘city-traveler’ (the embryonic mainstream of the impending “Alfa” generation), this project defines an optimistic way-of-life for its users and a spatial program, which - while questioning the appropriateness of conventional buildings – responds to the users’ philosophy on happiness and success, intentions of adventure and mobile-living, and their frequently-changing and -seeking living places that defy materialistically-valued lifestyle.

By creating urban accommodation while affording solutions to hazardous urbanization that this ‘awakening’ social group is attached to, the project seeks to generate numerous social benefits such as regaining humanity, finding lost ‘life’ in urbanity, embracing ‘big life, small footprint’, while fostering new ‘conventions’ such as ‘building without buildings’, ‘accommodation instead of homes’, and celebrating the ‘iconic’ in lifestyle than building.

Ruksala Siriwansha


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