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Culture Embedded City

Part 1 Project 2019
Rana Mohamed
Heriot-Watt University - Dubai Campus Dubai United Arab Emirates
Historically, architecture in this region was purely based on survival and social customs which created a unique form of architecture that was exclusive to this region. However, with time, that essence was lost.

This project challenges the way we perceive and expect the relationship between technology, the future and the past to be in architecture. It is essentially introducing a highly technological element, in this case, Google offices in an area that is considered of historical importance to Dubai (Mankhool) and building the bridge while integrating a metaphorical representation of the past, (the abandoned tower).

The design of the project was derived from the site itself whereby it responded to each element that existed in the vicinity. That created a unique design that was highly functional and compatible with the host and its original design that way, it establishes a dynamic relationship that influences not only the users but also the residents around the area.

By doing so, it opens a door of possibilities for other abandoned buildings whose ending doesn't have to be demolition. By using these buildings as hosts, not only does it extend their existence but also creates a sustainable future where the past is not erased but preserved and continued.

Rana Mohamed


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