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Wir Sind Eins. (We Are One)

Part 2 Project 2019
Huzaifah Hanif
University of Central Lancashire | UK
The refugee situation across Germany is something which has developed drastically over the last few years, with Berlin becoming home to the most.

My project aims to create a calming retreat for both people of Berlin and refugees who have moved into the city. The retreat creates a connection with nature which embodies a peaceful and uplifting setting as you’re surrounded by a ribbon of trees. It is a place for refugees and locals to gather together as one, a place to catch up and relax and more importantly a place where refugees hold a voice and can share their own stories. This allows for the retreat to (re) evoke those sentimental bonds of the people who had to leave their homes seeking refuge, giving them a sense of belonging within Berlin. There is a focus on ‘collectiveness’ to create a warming and diverse atmosphere where everyone is together as ‘one’ helping to blur the lines between we are locals and you are refugees.

Huzaifah Hanif


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