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The Sufi Senses – Mevlevi Central Tekeh

Part 2 Project 2019
Nahi Nasreddine
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
While people from all around the world became attracted to the ideas of “spirituality”. Rumi, Muslim poet and founder of Mevlevi Sufi Order which is based on finding the diving truth through love.

Nowadays, his ideas are influencing people from different sects and spiritual practices, from the other side some people abuse Sema’ dance (Whirling dervishes) and Mevlevi music for commercial purposes. What opened the door to find the Architectural typology, where people can get the real knowledge and practice the essential rituals to become real Mevlevi Dervishes. The typology is called “Mevlevi Central Tekeh (sufi lodge)”.

A complex, with nine architectural spaces, representing the nine levels of spirituality found in Mathnewi (a book written by Rumi and considered as the main spiritual book for Mevlevism). Each level is represented in a specific architectural space, the first five spaces are for physical tests, the kitchen is essential where dervish destroys his/her ego, before learning Mevelvi arts and learning Sema’ in the Sema’ Khana rehearsal and practice spaces which are interpreted from the original Sema’ Khana design and for acoustics considerations. As architectural composition, the project is reviving the history through interpreting the characteristics of the past architecture in Tripoli.

Nahi Nasreddine


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