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Nourishment – Soup Kitchen

Part 1 Project 2019
Stephen Earls
RIBA Studio | UK
As part of the design strategy the themes of freedom and expression of movement shall be articulated in the building form and layout in context with the surroundings. The architecture shall give the occupants the opportunity, by their own volition, to make decisions and shape their destiny.

The design requirement shall be articulated through the response to the program and spatial arrangement of the building to ensure the dignity and growth of the occupant is interwoven within the design.

The spatial layout shall promote freedom of movement and integration with the day to day running of the building. The occupant shall not be acquiesced to the cultural, societal and historical prejudices associated with soup kitchens and food banks. It is important that the occupants are encouraged to grow and be part of the development rather than simply beneficiaries of a service. It is considered that the occupants pre-existing insecurities and vulnerabilities shall not be exacerbated through apathetic design. It is of vital importance that the architecture is empathetic and provides the user with a sense of empowerment and not one of powerlessness or existential deadening, thereby inflicting a sense of worthlessness.

Stephen Earls


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