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Part 2 Project 2019
Andreas Stadlmayr
University of East London London | UK
HOMEmade is a respectful and partly self-build co-housing scheme for urban London. Respectful because I believe today’s society no longer has an awareness of how to use resources appropriately. Building materials, land resources, or everyday resources such as water, food and energy are wasted. The result is a direct and indirect impact on the quality of our environment and quality of life. I therefore propose an alternative and new model for co-housing based on the Cradle to Cradle principle, that reconsiders the actual construction of a building and investigate how we use and consume our architecture. A community is involved with the aim to reduce the ecological footprint and is willing to produce their own house and food. Outstanding in the urban centre of London, on a plot of land insignificant to housing development, an architecture with an extended range is being created that argues for a sustainable and long-term solution to raise London’s standard of living in the long term.
Andreas Stadlmayr


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